Stagista madrelingua inglese!

Finalmente abbiamo fatto una cosa che si diceva da tanto. E, visti i risultati, s’è fatto proprio bene!

Lavorando su tantissimi account in inglese, ci teniamo moltissimo che il livello della lingua sia eccellente, non solo dal punto di vista grammaticale e dello spelling, ma anche come fluidità, capacità di fare battute sensate, di essere sottili.

Abbiamo pensato di “sfruttare” uno dei tantissimi studenti americani (in realtà in questo caso si stratta di una studentessa) che frequentano la nostra città, che offrono una serie di competenze molto diverse da quelle che si potrebbero trovare in uno stagista italiano (sia dal punto di vista culturale che delle competenze), a partire dalla lingua inglese!

Finished my first week working as an intern in a foreign country. My thoughts? Scattered. When I was asked if I would like to work for an online company in Italy for my internship, I didn’t know what to expect. Slight fear rushed over me, only because I don’t speak Italian well and was scared that I would be fired right away because of it. But I was reassured later that my boss was British (hello Suzi!) and that my other co-workers could speak a little English. The next feeling I had was confusion, I wondered how I would be assigned tasks, and if I would be able to complete them in a timely manner, being that I would be working from home.

But after the first week with exout, all my worries were put to ease. My co-workers welcomed me into the company, and helped me become familiar with all the accounts, and ways of controlling them. The system they have with communicating with one another is incredible, they know exactly what needs to be done, and when. They communicate almost all day, letting each other know what is going on at all times (and have a little fun doing it as well!) exout is a great environment to work in, and am so thrilled to have the opportunity to have an internship here.

My hope is that I can be of some value for this company. That I will be useful for them, and in turn learn things along the way. So far, that has not been an issue at all. I have learned so many new and exciting things about social media that I did not know before. I would like to take these skills that I have learned and continue to learn back to the states with me, in the hopes that they will help me with career opportunities in the future.

My expectation for weeks to come is to continue learning and growing with exout. Being a part of this company also gives me the chance to explore Italy and the culture more. Working for an Italian company means that I do research on many of the events that go on here, this allows me to practice my Italian and learn about things that are going on in Florence. Working for an Italian company allows me to become familiar with local restaurants, clothing companies, and tourism companies that are popular within this area.

I can only hope in weeks to come that I continue to do the same, grow and learn with exout. Be a part of the company, and contribute as much as I possibly can.

Alex Haughey

Abbiamo iniziato a “collavorare” con Alex da una settimana – anche se sembra davvero molto di più (per motivi molto positivi!). La cosa che davvero ci colpisce è la sua maturità e capacità di autogestione – non facile di trovare in una persona così giovane. Brava Alex!

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